Minimalist Baker's  Classic Vegan Falafel

There are various reasons for a person to go plant based. But so many people hesitate because they fear that they'll never enjoy food again if the turkey doesn't make it to Thanksgiving. Or worse, cheese to literally every other meal. Trust me, I get it. I considered giving up meat for a long time before I went vegetarian...and then it was years before I even began doing research on the impact of other animal products. And to be perfectly honest, it was largely because I was too afraid of how the knowledge might influence my pizza and ice cream intake. But I eventually learned what animal agriculture was doing to our bodies, our planet, and well...animals; so the gradual shift began. With the help of these amazing vegan cooking resources, I have learned so much about how easy and delicious vegan eating can be and now it just seems natural and obvious! Give some of these a shot and let me know if you've found something you like! 


Laura Miller – Laura is the author of one of my favorite cookbooks, Raw, Vegan, Not Gross. She also does some great cooking videos. More about her in our "Watch" list HERE

Minimalist Baker – This blog is definitely, without a doubt, my #1 go-to for recipes. Dana is amazingly thorough in her recipe instructions and her food photography skills alone get me pumped to try the every single thing she posts. She also has an awesome book with exclusive recipes: Everyday Cooking, eat all of it. 

Some personal favorites:

Banana Crumb Muffins  - Minimalist Baker

Banana Crumb Muffins - Minimalist Baker

  • Spaghetti Squash Lasagna - Delicious and carnivore approved many times over. 
  • Banana Crumb Muffins - I have made these a number of times and I can't say enough about what a huge hit they always are. These muffins are pretty simple and truly delicious. 
  • Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Peppers - This recipe is very easy and it takes just one time to realize you can kind of do whatever you want with them. We sometimes like to mix in Trader Joe's soy chorizo or top them with vegan shredded mozzarella. YUM.
  • Kale Sweet Potato Curry - This has been a staple in our kitchen since the first time we made it. It's so straight-forward and simple; a great option when you need to feed a lot of people and/or are just feeling tired and lazy.  TIP: Whenever a recipe like this includes a sweetener, we end up omitting it. Personally, it feels unnecessary to add the sugar and it's totally delicious without. 
  • Cashew-less Vegan Queso - A great appetizer option, but honestly it is so delicious that weave found ourselves downing the whole thing between the two of us and calling it a meal. Watch this great how-to video we made to show you how it all comes together! 
  • Noodle-Free Pad Thai - I have had this recipe on repeat for the last few months. Mostly because it's so easy and tough to mess up! I tend to mix up the ingredients based on which vegetables are in the fridge and I have found that as long as I have the carrots and the sauce, I can't lose! 

Thug Kitchen: Eat Like you Give a F* – This book is loaded with hardy vegan recipes and written with a sense of humor.  There are more than 100 recipes, including things like Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos, Pumpkin Chili, and Grilled Peach Salsa. Plus, Thug Kitchen arms you with the necessary info and techniques to shop on a budget and eat like you give a fuck.

Almond Cream Recipe - Erin Ireland

Almond Cream Recipe - Erin Ireland

Erin Ireland – Erin is a passionate food reporter and owner of To Die For Fine Foods, an artisan baking company in Vancouver. She is a genuinely compassionate and conscientious influencer who makes no excuses when it comes to ethical living and consumption. She now centers her career around promoting well-informed food choices, allowing her to actually get to know the individuals behind what she eats. Erin's blog includes a number of useful vegan lifestyle and cooking tips, but I personally love following her Instagram stories for a peak into her daily practices. Also, check out her TED talk, mentioned in our "Watch" list here!

10-minute Pasta by Oh She Glows

10-minute Pasta by Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows – Angela Liddon, the writer of this blog, has an endless collection of delicious and easy vegan recipes. In addition to being meat and dairy-free, most of her recipes are also free of gluten, soy, and processed foods. And don't forge to check out her cookbooks!


The Plantpowered Way – Written by vegan couple Rich Roll and Julie Piatt; lots of great recipes and a great resource for holistic living in general. Check out Rich's podcast included on our Listen  list!