Rich Roll, vegan ultra-endurance athlete, discusses all things wellness with experts in health, art, fitness, entertainment, spirituality, and more. 

I am a huge fan of podcasts. I never have any time to read...and even if I did, my reading speed has not progressed since the 2nd grade, so it can feel laborious.  So for that reason and many more, I love being able to listen to podcasts to keep me up to date on what is going on in the world. I tune in during my transit, while I'm on a run, or really just when I need a reason to look occupied. Here is a list of podcasts that have left me feeling motivated, comforted, worried, empathetic, excited, inspired, etc. Let us know if you have listened to any of these, we'd love hear what you think!

Rich Roll Podcast – All things wellness. Rich Roll has discussions with some of the brightest minds in health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship & spirituality. These are topics that fascinate me, but I'll be honest with you, the episodes are long. I tend to break them up or plug in during a long transit. Also, he just sort of rambles a bit in the first few minutes so don't feel bad skipping ahead.

Some personal favorites:

  • What the Health - How Corporate Collusion is making us sick and costing us trillions
  • Neal Barnard - The power of nutrition to prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, and alzheimer's
  • Steve-O & His Dad - On fame, reinvention and the journey of finding fulfillment from within.

Ted Radio Hour - This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts. Each episode centers on a common theme and combines riveting TEDTalks from around the world with interviews of the presenters themselves. They cover a wide range of topics from space exploration to the source of happiness. Regardless of the subject matter, these people are absolute geniuses and their perspectives are fascinating.

Some personal favorites:

  • Fighting Cancer - Cancer is merciless. It can strike any time, spread without warning and return unannounced. In this hour, TED speakers reframe not only how we treat cancer but how we can live with it and survive it.
  • Just a Little Nicer - Compassion is a universal virtue, but is it innate or taught? Have we lost touch with it? Can we be better at it? In this hour, TED speakers explore compassion: its roots, its meaning and its future.
  • How We Love - Love is instinctive and essential, but what is it that brings certain people together? In this hour, TED speakers examine the mystery of connection and relationships.
  • Speaking Up - Whether it's asking for a raise or asking for equality, speaking up can be risky — even dangerous. This hour, TED speakers share ideas and stories about taking the crucial step to say something.

* Episode descriptions sourced from TED Radio Hour website


Pregnant Pause - Zak Rosen and his wife, Shira Heisler, began discussing whether or not they wanted to have children. For over a year, they conferred with friends, family, writers, and scientists along the way. Pregnant Pause is their intimate account of making the most important decision of their lives. Whether child rearing is on your mind or not, this podcast is so captivating that it truly doesn't matter. In each episode we are given an opportunity to witness this loving couple work through a thoughtful conclusion regarding their future together. Just listen to it. You'll probably cry, but you can handle it.



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