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We need your help!

Since filming, Healthy Soil's partner decomposer, Nature's Little Recyclers has been threatened to be shut down by the city of Chicago. One of their farms has already been illegally bulldozed and about $15-$20,000 worth of materials, assets and compost were thrown out. The work they are doing cannot be replaced and they need our help. 

The men behind Nature's Little Recyclers have put so much hard work into this taxing endeavor. Their work is able to sequester carbon and nearly eliminate methane emissions. They process waste from hundreds of residents, dozens of businesses and even the Chicago Marathon. The cups and banana peels from the race didn’t go to a landfill, they became soil used to grow food and flowers! 

We need to do what we can to keep them around. Please take a moment to sign this petition and make the city more accommodating to the composters who keep our city GREEN: 

Allie Kushnir