Sacred Serve


Kailey spent her entire life never having experienced a full breath. She suffered asthma, chronic fatigue, and took weekly steroid shots to keep her functioning. After a few years of 70 hour workweeks in a corporate setting, she left for Bali to study an alternative lifestyle. No doctor had ever asked about her diet, and within a week and a half of switching to raw, vegan foods, her symptoms began to disappear. All at once, she learned of the healing power of food. She returned home, left her job, and became a holistic health coach. Soon after, she and her partner started their vegan gelato company, Sacred Serve and have been working to share the nutritional and environmental benefits of cutting out dairy and opting for real foods ever since. 

"Every doctor I had ever gone to said, this is the way you were born."

Allie Kushnir