Joelle McNamara was still in high school when it all began. At age 17 she learned about people all over the world who were dying from hunger. So she began raising money with a bake sale and eventually traveled to Kenya to meet some of the people she was so determined to help. It was then that she learned these people were not interested in receiving hand-outs, but rather needed long-term job opportunities. So out of a need for employment, Badala was born. From jewelry to housewares, and so much more Joelle has employed numerous skilled women in need. Through the many setbacks and challenges associated with working across oceans, Badala has continued to not only grow, but flourish while empowering individuals in need and giving value to the important skills they possess. 

“Badala actually means instead; instead of prostitution, instead of abuse, instead of whatever small, low-paying jobs they would find - we would create an alternative.”

Allie Kushnir