Bot Bakery


Betty Alper found her love for baking at a young age, by way of Easy-Bake oven. As she graduated to adult-sized appliances, her love continued to grow. Once a devoted fast-food fan, Betty eventually felt compelled to give veganism a try, describing it as a compassionate and responsible way of living. This of course impacted her approach to baking, but it was only the beginning.

As life progressed, Betty found herself studying at one of the best cooking schools in the nation. During a class overview of various health-related dietary restrictions, she happened upon answers to many ongoing health struggles of her own. Initially, identifying Coeliac disease felt like a relief, but as she transitioned into life as a professional baker, Betty began to wonder if her dietary restrictions would ultimately make it impossible to pursue this career. Today Bot Bakery thrives in spite of dietary restrictions, using wholesome ingredients, avoiding contributions to animal agriculture, and allowing those with dietary restrictions to enjoy incredible food without any sign of compromise.

"I am in a place in the world where I can be vegan, so I feel like I have to be.”

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